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In response to numerous requests I now make full size Corona Pads for use with Parade Saddles, Costumes, Round-Up Clubs, and any other situation where you want a bit of flair. Standard colors are Red-and-White or Black-and-White, but I can make these in any color combination you want. All you need to do is send me the measurements of your saddle.

The Pads are priced at $250 each and this includes insured shipping to US addresses.

Modern Corona Pad
Red and White

Also available:
Model scale Corona Style saddle Pads for use with parade set ups as well as any other western style set-up where a little "pizzaz" is called for. Like a Rodeo Grand Entry, the Rodeo Queen competition, a Hollywood cowboy costume - like Roy Rogers or the Lone Ranger. The pads I currently have are made to fit the standard traditional scale Rio Rhondo style saddles. I have two styles currently available, one for saddles with very squared off corners on the skirt and the second with more rounded corners. The colors I have on hand are pictured below, but I can make other colors as desired. I can also make pads for classic scale saddles, all you need to do is send me the measurements of your saddle.

Please Note: These are for MODEL Horses, not the real thing!!!

The Pads are priced at $65 each. Shipping for the first pad will be $5. No additional shipping is required if you purchase more than one pad at a time.

Modern Corona Pad
Varigated Colors
Instead of the traditional stripes, these pads are made with a varigated color scheme. Inspired by the spring flowers
I have Lavender, Aqua or Peach shades available.

Semi-Traditional Corona Pad
Traditional style, Non-traditonal Colors
The stripes on these pads are much narrower than on the others.
Inspired by the Redbud trees blooming in Oklahoma this spring, I have two variations available.

Traditional Corona Pad
Red & White stripes

Traditional Corona Pad
Black & White stripes

Traditional Corona Pad
Red, White & Blue stripes

Traditional Corona Pad
Orange & Black stripes
Perfect for the Oklahoma Stae or the Texas University fan

Traditional Corona Pad
Red & Black stripes

Traditional Corona Pad
Blue & Gray stripes
Dallas Cowboys anyone?

Traditional Corona Pad
Maroon & Cream stripes
Perfect for the Oklahom University or Texas A&M fan

Traditional Corona Pad
Green, Gray and Black stripes

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