(Size names are based on the Breyer and Peter Stone product line)

Stablemate: (5" x 3-1/2") $6.00

Fits Breyer Stablemate models, Stone Chips models and Hartland Tiny Mites.

Oversized SM: (6" x 4-1/2") $8.00

Suggested for AA(Animal Artisty) Minis and Hagen Reneker minis on bases.

Little Bit/Paddock Pal/ Pebbles: (7-1/2" x 5") $10.00

Classic: (9" x 8") $15.00

(Including the Mesteno series & most Traditional size foals)

Traditional (14" long x 10" tall): $20.00
(Including the Western Performance series)

Extra Long (17" long x 10"tall): $25.00
The following molds require the Extra Long size:
Breyer Molds: Cigar, Silver, Fighting Stallion, Hanoverian,
Huck Bey, New Show Jumper/Warmblood,
Strapless, Zippo, Black Beauty, Old Mold Jumper,
Llanarth, Misty's Twilight, Morganglanz, Pacer,
Running Stallion, Smarty Jones, Smart Chic Olena,
Goffert, Ruffian, Journeyman, Bristol, Dundee
Peter Stone Molds: Jumper, Thoroughbred, Palouse, Tennessee Walker

Extra Tall (14" long x 13" tall): $25.00
The following molds require the Extra Tall size:
Breyer Molds: Clock Saddlebred, Lonesome Glory, Clydesdale Mare, Wixom, Emerson
Peter Stone Molds: Trotting Drafter, Standing Drafter

Specialty sizes for in-between models
or extremely large. models are available on a custom order basis.
Extra-Long with Pocket on back for Bases (17" Long x 10" Tall) $30.00 ea.

Extra-Extra-Long (22" Long x 10" Tall) $30.00 ea.

Extra-Extra Tall (14" long x 16" tall) $30.00 ea.

Extra-Extra Long + Extra Tall (22" long x 13" tall) $35.00 ea.

Extra-Extra Long +Extra-Extra Tall(22" long x 16" tall) $ 40.00 ea.

Sizes not shown:
Extra Long + Extra Tall (17"long x 13" tall) $30.00 ea.

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